Corista is a product for sound modulation, initially designed for a specialised user group: recording and mixing studios, home recording, theatres or venues where musical performances can be improvised. We soon realised that it can be located beautifully in other areas - meeting rooms, home theatre, conference and seminar rooms. Constructed in powder-coated steel, the easel is not only a practical support for the panel, it can also double as a convenient handle for transport. The easels can be set side by side, maximising space available when the panels are not in use.

Sound is formed by waves that reflect off solid surfaces. In rooms constructed from timber, concrete or glass, echoes can be created causing an unpleasant, loud environment.

Snowsound's® patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies, optimising the acoustic environment.



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