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Performance Guarantee

Laine agree to offer a guarantee that our Snowsound range of Acoustic Panels will perform to the satisfaction of the end user client or we will refund our full

invoiced cost including freight to our Authorised Dealer or site subject to the conditions apply. 

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Acoustic performance

The panels were tested in a reverberation room according to UNI EN ISO 354 standards obtaining “Class A sound absorption” to UNI EN ISO 11654 standards.

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Acoustic comfort

Snowsound® technology attains acoustic correction easily and quickly, in new areas as well as in existing spaces. The need to live and work in quiet spaces, reducing the annoying acoustic reverberation is finally met with this innovative product ideal for resolving a variety of needs.

Snowsound® technology

 The brilliant intuition at the heart of Snowsound’s® patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities, which functions to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus to optimise the acoustical environment notwithstanding the pronounced thinness of the panels. The absence of frames and seams and the unusual characteristics of the material in the fabrication of the panels, render them extremely light, unobtrusive and adaptable to any environment. 

A:- The surfaces of the panel are coated with Trevira CS® polyester fabric firmly bonded to the inner wadding with which it forms a single body without a break. This property makes it possible to obtain a surface which, while visually appearing very soft, actually is resistant, difficult to tear or perforate. 

B:- High density polyester. 

C:- Medium density polyester. 

D:- Low density polyester. 

E:- Rigid edge.


Sound quality

The graphics and image show how the Flap panels, using Snowsound® technology, affect the acoustics of a room:

1:- Notwithstanding the reduced thickness they do relatively well in absorbing the low frequencies (below 500Hz), those that characterise deep sounds that are normally more difficult to dampen;

2:- They absorb very well the midrange frequencies (between 500 and 2,000Hz), those typical of the human voice and generally in all workplaces;

3:- They tend to reflect, gradually absorbing less of the high frequencies (above 2,000Hz), those which by their nature are already in large part absorbed by the walls, the furnishings and by the very presence of people. The result thus obtained is a comprehensive, natural balance of sounds in the environment.



In the designing of the panel the objective set was to obtain the entire recyclability of the product at the end of its useful life, in a manner both simple and rapid. For this reason, the panels have been made entirely of polyester; therefore they are “single material” and 100% recyclable without the need of having to separate the outer fabric from the sound-absorbing inner material. Also, all components are made of single materials, plastic or metal and can be easily disassembled, thus permitting recycling the whole product at 100%. The use of high quality materials and processing, moreover, make it possible to obtain longer product usage life, resulting in reduced consumption of materials and energy. The internal sound-absorbing material is produced with up to 30% recycled material. The panels do not contain felt or other organic materials which are difficult to recycle. The panels have no detectable formaldehyde contents, tested according to the UNI EN 717-2.




The single material panel in its entirety, external fabric and soundabsorbing interior material, has Italian Class 1 and Euroclass B-s2, d0 classification as to reaction to fire. The tests were done on finished panels, composed of sound-absorbing materials upholstered in fabric on both sides, as required by law. This type of product is not conducive to testing the upholstery and padding separately.


The panels have the same aesthetic, acoustic and functional characteristics on both sides.

Surface & maintenance

The differentiated density of Snowsound® not only optimises the acoustic performance of the panels, but also creates a superficial protection shell which makes the panel more robust and less subject to damage, scratching, tears or other damages typical of porous or fibrous materials. The seamless surface of the panel is easy to clean with appropriate detergents. The absence of an airspace or cavity between the fabric and sound-absorbing material significantly decreases the accumulation of dust, pollen or insect infestation.

Light & thin

Snowsound® technology produces durable yet extremely thin, lightweight and easy to handle panels, averaging 3.4 kg per mq.


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