Version 1-3

laine loyalty program terms and conditions


You should check these terms and conditions regularly to make sure you are familiar with them and any changes that may have occurred.

The Laine Loyalty Program is a promotion where our clients earn points for every metre of fabric / leather or acoustic panels specified that can then be used to claim reward items.

This has been designed to benefit both companies and individuals with rewards that are targeted to both types of members.

The Laine Loyalty Program is initially only available to our Australian based clients.

There is no cost to participate in this program or to claim your rewards.

You must first register to participate in the Laine Loyalty Program, once registered we will send you your own Laine Loyalty card with a unique member code on the back i.e. “L1234”

When you are specifying any of our products you need to add your unique code to the end of the colour name i.e. Range: Neo Colour: 006 L1234 or Range: Easy Colour: Limepunch L1234

This way when the manufacturer orders your fabric we will know to allocate the points to your account.

You can log on to your account on the web site at any time to view your point’s status or update your details.

Only the person or company responsible for the specification can claim the points and only one lot of points can be claimed per order or per metre of product sold.

Some examples are below as to who is entitled to claim points in different situations.

1/ a designer specifies our product that is then ordered by a manufacturer: the designer claims the points.

2/ a retailer sells our product but it is then ordered by a manufacturer: the retailer claims the points.

3/ a manufacturer specifies our product on a project they are working on or because of availability changes an order to our product, then they receive the points, manufacturers cannot claim points for ordering products that has already been specified.

At any time Laine have the right to ask for information to support that you are the person or company that is responsible for the specification and you are not just ordering it.

Points will be allocated to your account once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse.

Points will be allocated as follows.

  • One point per metre of fabric specified.
  • One point per square metre of leather specified.
  • One point per $35.00 on Snowsound Acoustic Panels & Fittings specified.
  • Products under $20.00 per metre will receive half a point per metre.

All full points will be rounded down i.e. 9.7 metres will = 9 points.

All half points will be rounded up i.e. 7.0 metres at half points =3.5 points so 4 points would be allocated.

Any points earned in a Calendar year will expire at the end of the following Calendar year i.e. points last between one and two years.

If the order is not paid for, returned or cancelled or any other reason that we deem fit we can cancel your points or you may be required to return your rewards item/items.

By registering as an individual you are confirming that you have permission from your company to do so, if at any time we are contacted by the company that you are employed by and they inform us that you do not have permission or they want the points transferred to the company, we will immediately transfer the points to them.

If you have received any items from points relating to the above situation the items will be deemed to be owned by the company and not the person that is employed by the company.

Any items received in lieu of your points may be assessed as income and be taxable, please seek advice from your financial advisor for your individual or company situation.

We have the right to cancel this program at any time at our complete discretion, however if we do we will give you 30 days to use your points before we do so.

We have the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time that we see fit.

If we do change any of these terms and conditions we will update the version number at the top of this page.

All images of reward items are indicative only and may not represent the exact item.

Points are not redeemable for cash.

If for whatever reason we are unable to provide the reward that is advertised on the web site, we will provide you with a similar product that has a similar value to the one you had chosen, determined by us.

Any item claimed which uses more than 10,000 points must be cleared points, meaning that the order/orders that the points were allocated from have been paid for in full.

Points are not transferable to another person or another company nor can they be pooled together and used in this way, however a member that is registered as an individual who moves to another company will keep their points.

Points will only apply to full priced product purchases.

When claiming your rewards, most items will be shipped in 3 -10 days however we will confirm this to you by email.

Thanks again for your support and enjoy your rewards!