Laine Catania 33410 White
33410 White
Laine Catania 33405 Kiesel
33405 Kiesel
Laine Catania 33406 Champignon
33406 Champignon
Laine Catania 33407 Java
33407 Java
Laine Catania 33408 Cognac
33408 Cognac
Laine Catania 33641 Espresso
33641 Espresso
Laine Catania 33644 Sandstone
33644 Sandstone
Laine Catania 33642 Natur Tan
33642 Natur Tan
Laine Catania 33411 Lipstick
33411 Lipstick
Laine Catania 33412 Classic Red
33412 Classic Red
Laine Catania 33643 Rhapsody Blue
33643 Rhapsody Blue
Laine Catania 33414 Alpaca Grey
33414 Alpaca Grey
Laine Catania 33417 Basalt
33417 Basalt
Laine Catania 33418 Anthrazit
33418 Anthrazit
Laine Catania 33100 Black C
33100 Black C


Catania is a free of chrome (FOC), drum dyed through corrected grain, coated leather with a simulated grain emboss.
Catania is an outstanding leather ideal for Automotive, Commercial and Residential applications.
Tannery is certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, AS/EN9100.

screens and partitions upholstery flame retardant
Color 33410 White
Finish Coated Corrected Grain
Average Hide Size 4.8 - 5.0 sqm
Thickness 1.1 (+/- 0.2)mm
Rubfastness - Dry 2000 ≥ 4 GS
Rubfastness - Wet 500 ≥ 4 GS
Adhesion ≥ 3.0N/cm
Light Fastness ≥ 6-7 Blue Scale
Flammability FMVSS 302, EC 95/28, DIN 75200/US
Flexometer 30,000 no damage of finish
Tensile Strength ≥ 90 N
Tear Resistance ≥ 20 N
Abrasion Taber 500 cycles no damage of finish
Green Rating 0/5
Genuine leather contains natural characteristics that unmistakably distinguish it from imitation products. Individual hides or skins may display small markings such as small healed scars, horn scratches, insect bites, growth marks and will often show slight variations in irregular grain and colour structure, the prevalence of these characteristics differs for each leather type.
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