Showcase Eco Cream 8657
Cream 8657
Showcase Eco Bonton 7353
Bonton 7353
Showcase Eco Greige 7575
Greige 7575
Showcase Eco Butter 8783
Butter 8783
Showcase Eco Luggage 8942
Luggage 8942
Showcase Eco Chestnut 7569
Chestnut 7569
Showcase Eco Coral 8785
Coral 8785
Showcase Eco Paprika 8457
Paprika 8457
Showcase Eco Power 7580
Power 7580
Showcase Eco Garnet 8549
Garnet 8549
Showcase Eco Mocha 8949
Mocha 8949
Showcase Eco Merlot 8945
Merlot 8945
Showcase Eco Lime Ice 8784
Lime Ice 8784
Showcase Eco Evergreen 8944
Evergreen 8944
Showcase Eco Seafoam 8782
Seafoam 8782
Showcase Eco Sky 8453
Sky 8453
Showcase Eco Twilight 8946
Twilight 8946
Showcase Eco Pacific 8947
Pacific 8947
Showcase Eco Cloudy 7322
Cloudy 7322
Showcase Eco Gravel 8943
Gravel 8943
Showcase Eco Concrete 8948
Concrete 8948
Showcase Eco Bittersweet 7153
Bittersweet 7153
Showcase Eco Jet 7302
Jet 7302

Showcase Eco

Showcase Eco is a beautiful Full-Grain leather that combines quality with performance. From the Moo Leather Collection Showcase Eco is tanned using vegetable based products and is chromium-free and biodegradable. Hides are pure aniline dyed and finished in a contemporary choice of colours, enhancing versatility and highlighting the characteristics of full-grain leather. Showcase Eco is GSA certified and available in 24 colours.

screens and partitions upholstery flame retardant
Color Cream 8657
Raw Material Full Grain Leather, Chrome Free (vegetable tanned)
Finish Semi-Aniline (solvent free)
Average Hide Size 4.6 - 5.1 sqm
Thickness 1.0 - 1.2mm
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D7255, CS10 Wheel Taber Test, 1,000 cycles with 1,000 gram weight - Pass
Colour Fastness AATCC 16 Xenon, 72-Hour Exposure, Grade 4 or better
Dry Crocking AATCC 8, Class 4 or better
Wet Crocking AATCC 8, Class 4 or better
Flame Resistance Passes California Bulletin 117, Boston Fire Code, NY/NJ Port Authority, FMVSS 302 (auto spec), NFPA 260 - Class 1
Green Rating 0/5
Genuine leather contains natural characteristics that unmistakably distinguish it from imitation products. Individual hides or skins may display small markings such as healed scars, insect bites and growth wrinkles and will often show slight variations in surface colour and grain texture, the prevalence of these characteristics differs for each leather type.
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