Earth Planet 308
Planet 308
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Creation 408
Earth Mankind 108
Mankind 108


Earth, Preserve & Sustain forms part of Laine's new Eco-Laine wool collection which is made from environmentally friendly wool that performs to CTA heavy duty commercial upholstery and screen applications.

Eco-Laine Wool is an environmentally friendly fibre that is manufactured under strict controls to enforce more environmentally responsible growing practices and thereby reducing the use of harmful substances and meets the EU Ecolabel standard. The fabric is woven, dyed and finished to Environmental Management Systems.

screens and partitions upholstery environmental flame retardant
Color Planet 308
Composition 100% Eco-Laine Wool
Width 137cm
Weight 390 g/m2
Pattern Repeat nil
Martindale (rubs) 51,200
Applications Upholstery, Screens, Acoustic, Drapery
Flammability AS1530.3
Green Rating 4/5
Environmental Management System in Place
Recyclable at end of life
10 year Warranty *refer warranty statement
Australian Made
Packaging and tubes recyclable
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